Artists statement


With the help of pencils and crayons, I create fi gures that address the phenomenon of uneasiness. My works address everyday power struggles in relationships, of self-control and  outside infl uences, of strategies to belittle other people in order to artifi cially make oneself feel better.
The drawings suggest Bourdieu’s “symbolic power,” which works without physical abuse and can still secure its power hierarchies over others; it’s a soft power that is usually exercised under the guise of habit and cannot be properly grasped.
I express this topic with the help of fine lines, detailed color as well as fabric patterns. The  spectator’s eye is supposed to be grasped by the stripes of a blouse or by the structured surfaces in order to repeatedly distract the viewer from the drawing’s plot itself.
While creating the work, there is another component that also plays a role: the room the drawing is in. The drawing is supposed to penetrate it; walls, ceilings, floors, corners, and vaults are supposed to become part of the whole picture. Walls serve as the background and sometimes even as the surface to draw on. Pieces that have been hung into the center of the room can be viewed from several different angles and the spectator can walk through them as if they were part of the stage design.
I am currently working on a project in which I am sowing pieces of paper together in order to create multi-angular drawing surfaces or figurative shapes. I sow the body parts together with a needle and thread, and the  paper grows with the drawing. This way, I am moving towards installation drawings.